BiofeedBack Scan


Enjoy the amazing health benefits of the BiofeedBack Scanner process!

The physical body has electrical Energy with a logical, scientific and perceivable reality. All disease, trauma, fear and adverse emotional reactions are due to the relative low vibration (Energy) in the body. It is our goal to increase the vibratory (Energy) rate above and beyond the harmful frequencies, to harmony (Vibrant Health) through;

Resting the hand on our cradle for 30-40 minutes, while the technology reads the frequencies within the body via molecular and unconscious communication, provides a means to identify exactly what will bring the body back into a natural balance.


Shortly after you complete your hand scan, an email is sent with the in depth scan report and the balancing protocol individually created for you. At this point we will have a consultation to review with you the results and suggested protocol.


We recommend a series of scans at about 8 week intervals. This is because your body deals with things at its own pace while the toxin or pathogen load will respond accordingly. Over time it is in your best interest to renew the protocol to best serve your body in the process of generating its own vibrant health.


The Biofeedback Scanner Technology may be a great option, if you have any of the following stresses:



Diet-Heavy Metals - Incorrect eating habits - Eating while upset - Indigestion - Upset - Worry - Fear - Tension - Toxins - Chemicals - Pesticides - Pathogens - Virus - Fungus - Mold - Bacteria - Organs - Teeth - Vertebrae - Nerves - Joints - Muscles - Blood - Lymph - Glands - etc., as well as unconscious conflict between the sub- conscious and the conscious and belief systems.