20% off Colon Hydrotherapy at Divine Detox in Newburgh

One 45 Minute Colon Hydrotherapy Session

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 What is Colon Hydrotherapy


Colon Hydrotherapy is referred to as colon irrigation, colonics, colon therapy, or high enemas.  All devices use safe, filtered, temperature-controlled water into the colon by way of a sterile, disposable rectal tube.  Water in - waste matter flushed out. 


This procedure removes fecal material from the colon walls and dilutes the bacterial toxin concentration in the large intestine.


We  practice the easy methods of Detoxification, Nutrition, and focus on bringing the body to Homeostasis. We strive to enhance a deep tissue detoxification to get rid of toxins and activate our immune system, so it balances all the bacteria, fungi, mold, and kills all the viral load, so in return, we feel amazing.

We invite you to relax and renew your senses in our tranquil oasis providing  Colon Hydrotherapy. Divine Detox Inc., is an I-ACT board-certified facility, which focuses on internal cleansing. 



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