You will meet your therapist and fill out a history form.  You and your therapist will go over your history form and any concerns you may have.  When all of your questions are answered, you and your therapist will enter a private room.  Your therapist will leave you with instructions on how to  get onto the table and then she will exit the room.  As soon as you are ready, the therapist will reenter.  The therapist will then explain the process and begin your session.  Once your session begins, know that you are in control and can stop your water-flow at anytime.

A gentle flow of temperature ~ controlled water will enter your colon by way of a sterile, disposable rectal tube, creating an urge to eliminate.  Once you feel this, hold the water as long as you can, then release out as if you are having a bowel movement.  The more water you hold, the more hydrated the system becomes and the better the release.  You will repeat the process for 45 or 90 Minutes. 

The therapist will let you know 5 minutes before the session is over so you can start draining out for the last 5 minutes.  During this time if you are still releasing, we may suggest a few more minutes on the device. Before leaving  your therapist  will then prep you on meals you can eat after your colonic.