We invite you to relax and renew your senses in our tranquil oasis providing,  Colon Hydrotherapy, Ionic Foot Detoxification, Far Infrared Sauna and  much more.  Divine Detox Inc., is an I-ACT board-certified facility, which focuses on internal cleansing.  Divine Detox was specifically designed to create a soothing environment. Each space in Divine Detox  convey tranquil havens of comfort.  The Furnishings are decorated with warm colors that stand out against calming neutrals that create the perfect ambiance, and pure elegance.  At Divine Detox,  your comfort is our highest priority.

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Colonic, colon Hydrotherapy, colon cleanse
​Colon Hydrotherapy
​45 Min - $75 ( you can get
your sessions as low as $50 while buying a series of colonics)
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Give Your Insides a Shower.  Detoxification of The Colon: Water in-Waste Matter Flushed Out.


Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy body rubs
Body Sculpturing Spa Capsule

45 Min   -  $60 

Burn up-to 1350 calories in 45 Minutes.  Detoxify and rejuvenate your body with Far Infrared Heat,

Chromatherapy ( LED Red and Blue Light), and Ozone.




Detoxifying Body Scrub & Lymphatic Cupping Therapy

80 Min- $80


Enjoy an eighty minute relaxing spa session, which includes a combination of a detoxifying body scrub, saturated with Live Papaya Enzymes and Extracts, then relax and receive an OXYGEN-INFUSED cupping therapy session to help boost circulation, tone the skin, tone the tissues, and to move lymph. This  package comes with a 30 minute complimentary spa capsule session.


​Ionic Foot Detoxification
​30 Min - $30

Extract This Powerful Negative Hydrogen Ion and Absorb it.  This Negative Hydrogen Ion is a Powerful Antioxidant, PH balancer and the Catalyst Most Responsible for ATP Production, our Body's Greatest Energy Resource.


Parasite Zapping, blood cleansing
Biofeedback Scan

30-40 Min -  $150


Resting the hand on our cradle for 30-40 minutes, while the technology reads the frequencies within the body via molecular and unconscious communication, provides a means to identify exactly what will bring the body back into a natural balance.

Far Infrared Sauna, SAUNA, LOSE WEIGHT
​Far Infrared Sauna
​30 min - $30

Remove Toxins, Melt Fat, Expel Acids, and Burn 600 Calories in 30 Minutes.  Enjoy your Sauna Session with Salt Lamps for a deeper penetration of Negative Ions.